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Rihanna had her first tattoo some time in 2006. She had two notes that are tattooed on the left foot of the treble clef and the sixteenth note. This was inspired by her music career and she was just starting out. Six years later, in June 2012 they covered their music tattoo and had in place a large Egyptian falcon.

She added another tattoo in 2008 during their stay in Miami. This tattoo is distinctly different from her other tattoos as it is the only one with color ink. The skull and crossbones is neutralized by the pink ribbon in her hair that adorns it.

Rihanna also has an eye-catching fish sign behind her right ear. This was done by a famous Brazilian artist who books three years in advance. The Sanskrit prayer down her hips against her ass is also another popular tattoo has. He says: "forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control".

She also has the word "Love" on the left middle finger. It is simple, but has a sophisticated italics.

The "Shhh ..." expression on her right index finger was his one of her most popular tattoo. This is one of the most copied tattoos. Lindsay Lohan, Lily Allen and many fans have decided to get one that looks like Rihanna.

She also has the date "04/11/1986" tattooed on her left shoulder. This is represented in Roman numerals and date of birth of her best friend Melissa is. Melissa has also tattooed the date of birth of Rihanna on her.

She has her right hand a geometrical design tribal tattoo on one of her tours. This tattoo is running from her wrist, past your thumb and opposite her right index finger. It is an exotic Maori-inspired hand tattoo, representing the strength and love. It was add in the traditional New Zealand style tattooing with UHI or chisel grooves inked into the skin instead of needle punching and ink. This makes the skin seem a little raised, instead of smooth. It is reported hurt too much.

A little gun tattoo is closely inked on her right chest. That was a bit controversial, as it happened, when rumors of their abuse by Chris Brown were to spread.

She also has a self-motivating "Never a failure, always a lesson" tattoo on her right shoulder blade, just above her breast. This was carried out in 2009 and is her every time she looks in written backwards script in the mirror, to remind.

She has an impressive spread of the Egyptian goddess Isis on the chest, with large wings of the figure spreading just under Rihanna's breasts. This was done in memory of her beloved grandmother, Ciara "Dolly" Brathwaite. The goddess Isis was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians as the ideal mother and wife, and was also known as the goddess of children.

She added a second Maori tattoo during their tour to New Zealand in October 2013 traditional Ta Moko tattoo has a number of small black lines and arrows that all the way up to from her right hand fingers to extend the middle of the forearm. That's their biggest tattoo to date and is clearly visible.

She has a tattoo of the text "rebelled fleur" in writing on the left side of her neck. It translates as "rebel flower". It was, however, that this mi-written, as many thought that it should read "Rebelle Fleur" because the adjective usually comes before the noun in French. However, it clarified that "Rebelle Fleur" translated rebel flower not rebellious flower.

However, was not with her Maori tattoo she previously on her hand during their tour in New Zealand inked was satisfied. She sought the services of their trusted tattooist Bang Bang, which covers inspired with a new tattoo henna. This henna tattoo style is feminine, sexy and covers the old tribal tattoo successfully.

Their most famous and well-visible tattoo was inked in was started by an artist in Las Vegas then finished her Bang Bang her favorite tattoo artist. These are stars going back and on the back of her right shoulder blade.

Rihanna Tattoos counts grow with each passing day, as she has admitted to be a tattoo enthusiast. Your tattoo is now number 23, some of which is striking and some of which are hard to detect. Check out this 19 Popular Rihanna Tattoos.

 Rihanna Tattoo Design 1

 Simple Rihanna Tattoo 2

 Cute Rihanna Designed Tattoo 3

4) Rihanna Tattoo design on Hip

Rihanna Tattoo design on the hip 4

5) Backside Rihanna Tattoo

 Backside Rihanna Tattoo 5

 Rihanna Tattoo on Leg 6

Designed Rihanna tattoo on finger 7

8) Good Idea Rihanna Tattoo

 Good Idea Rihanna Tattoo 8

 Hand Rihanna Tattoo 9

10) Small Designed Tattoo

 Small Designed Tattoo 10

 Cute set Mirrored Tattoo 11

 Cute Rihanna Tattoo Designed 12

 Simple Rihanna tattoo on the neck 13

14) Rihanna designed tattoo on the leg

Rihanna designed tattoo on the leg 14

 Colored Skull Tattoo 15

 Cute Rihanna Tattoo Designed 16

Designed Rihanna tattoo on her finger 17

18) Rihanna tattoo on fullback Side

Rihanna tattoo on Full Backside 18

 Rihanna Tattoo Design 19

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