Sunday, January 17, 2016

The anchor is steady, reliable, secure and stable. When it comes to religion, the anchor is an ancient symbol depicting a hidden cross. It symbolizes that the wearer is Christ and true religion. The anchor for the early Christians was a symbol of determination, perseverance, devotion, strength and loyalty. The anchor is also a symbol of the connection of the male and female forces, the lower half is the female element and the rod represents the male phallus.

Anchor Tattoo for men have a variety of meanings that properties such as protection, loyalty, honor, protection, awareness, hope, stability, security and commitment for the common good to embody. Various elements can be integrated into the design, so that the meaning of the tattoo is modified symbolize loyalty to a particular organization or culture. The Anchor Tattoo for men can also be a symbol for holding strong to your principles and can of men who in tune with "who they are", are used. An anchor which is broken, the letting go of old ways have inhibition that you represent. It is a celebration of success after finally let go of something and moving forward.

 Anchor Tattoo Feather

2) Anchor Tattoo on chest

 Anchor Tattoo On Chest

 Anchor Tattoo On Arm

 Anchor Tattoo On Rib

 anchor tattoo

6) Anchor tattoo on hand

Anchor tattoo on hand

7) Anchor Tattoo Ideas

 Anchor Tattoos Ideas

8) Anchor Tattoo on neck

 Anchor Tattoo on neck

9) Anchor Tattoo On Front

 Anchor Tattoo On Front

 Tattoo Anchor

11) Crown Anchor Tattoo

 Crown Anchor Tattoo

12) Black and White Anchor Tattoo

13) Beautiful Anchor Tattoo for Men

Beautiful Anchor Tattoo for Men

14) Anchor Tattoo for Men

 Anchor Tattoo for Men

 Beautiful Anchor Tattoo

17) Blue Anchor Tattoo

Blue Anchor Tattoo

18) Beautiful Anchor Tattoo

Beautiful Anchor Tattoo

 Anchor Tattoo Red

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