Wednesday, January 20, 2016

These days, it's minimalist design everywhere, in posters, catalogs and websites. Through the use of simple design elements minimalist design a comfortable design to use and located in.

While you are designing a minimalist design, you may have a large collection of minimal vector elements. This post will give you the best free icon sets for Minimalist designs.

20 More Free Multi-Purpose Vector icon sets for designer

2) 30 Free transport Icons

 30 free transportation icons

3) 41 Thinline Animated Icons

 41 Thinline Animated Icons

4) Fitness Line Icons Freebie

 Fitness Line Icons Freebie

5) Iconset (PSD file) from Pal Tsin

 Iconset (PSD) of Pal Tsin

6) 80 Thin Icons PSD

 80 Thin Icons PSD

7) Thin Icon (PSD file)

 Thin icon (PSD)

8) Food Icons

 Food Icons

9) 50 free icons

 50 free icons

10) One Line Icons

 One Line Icons

11) Icon on the day

 icon one day

12) Free glyphs

 Free glyphs

13) Sports Icons

 Sports Icons

14) Outdoor Icons

 outdoor icon

15) Tourism Icon

 tourism icon

16) Smart House

 Smart House

17) Wilderness Camping Icons

 Wilderness Camping Icons

18) Financial Icons

 Financial Icons

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