Tuesday, January 12, 2016

As you know, the minimalistic design is to avoid complex graphics, rich text and content, which is always the simple look at the design. is That's why wireframes are so minimalist design increasingly used.

This post is a collection of wireframe designs for a minimalist lifestyle. These wireframes you can ideal lifestyle images to design a 3D look.

 Geometry lamps

2) Wall shelf

 Wall Shelf

3) Desk Organizer

 Desk Organizer

4) Coffee Table

 Coffee Table

5) Multi Photo Display

 Multi Photo Display

6) Chair


7) Wine Rack

 Wine Rack

8) lamp


9) Retro cart

 mesh basket

10) Newspaper rack

 magazine rack

11) Vase


12) Metallic Fruit Bowl

 Metallic Fruit Bowl

13) Office Chair

 Office chair

14) Vessel Wall

 Wall Vessel

15) Bookshelf


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