Monday, January 11, 2016

Recent technological developments prefer appealing designs, as people like to access their favorite website for all kinds of devices. When developing new websites, it is a nightmare to the developer, if the client requires appealing design.

Check this post for testing of tools that will help you and develop mobile websites. 15 Tools to add your website for mobile devices testing for this post.

Gomez mobile readiness test 1

 Cross-Browser Testing 2

 Perfecto Mobile-3

 iPhone Tester 4

 Mobile Phone Emulator 5

 Browshot 6

 iPhoney 7

 Mobi Ready 8

 W3C mobileOK Checker 9

 Browser Stack 10

 Multi-Browser Viewer 11

 Device Anywhere 12

 Opera Mini Simulator 13

Responsive Design Testing 14

 Screenfly 15

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