Saturday, January 23, 2016

If you have had flower tattoos for years, it is maybe you tried lily flower tattoos at some point. Not only is it one of the most beautiful flowers, but also one of the largest groups of flower tattoos by Rose. As a woman with a white lily tattoo on her belly not only like a good idea, but one of the hottest tattoos sounds now. The best part, if done correctly, the draft may in a way, very realistic. It does not even stop there; a bit of black shading can be added that to bring the contrast effect.

In addition, if you want to admire people to your tattoo, there's no way you go wrong with a lily tattoo on her arm. With an artistic design done, you can be sure that the extraction be a whole lot of admirers. Her foot is another great place where a lily tattoo can be carved. Basically, when it comes, lily tattoos, the amount of the option that you can have, is practically endless

Lily Flower tattoo on his shoulder

2) Lily Tattoo On Rib

 Lily Flower Tattoo On Rib

3) Lily tattoo on his shoulder

 Lily Flower tattoo on his shoulder

4) Lily tattoo on back

 Lily Flower tattoo on the back

5) Lily tattoo on page

 Lily Flower Tattoo On Side

6) Lily tattoo on hand

 Lily Flower tattoo on hand

7) Lily Tattoo Design

 Lily Flower Tattoo Design

8) Lily Tattoo

Lily Flower Tattoo

9) Lily Tattoo On Toot

10) Lily tattoo on the leg

 Lily Flower tattoo on his leg

11) Lily tattoo on stomach

 Lily Flower tattoo on stomach

12) Lily Tattoo Design On Hand

Lily Flower Tattoo Design On Hand

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